Smartphone Accessories Every Traveler Should Have



Many of us travel around the world to visit dream destinations and discover marvelous places, and it has become an integral aspect of our lifestyle. Travelers use their smartphones when traveling, and people prefer lightweight and convenient cameras instead of professional ones.

When you’re going to great lengths to see breathtaking sceneries, you would need to bring useful gadgets and accessories on your trip. Here are must-have smartphone accessories every traveler needs for their next adventure.

Smartphone accessories for travelers


Without enough battery life, your smartphone may not be able to function when you need it to. With Baseus' current product selection of Cables and chargers on their website, you can recharge your smartphone battery safely.

Having the Baseus GaN2 Quick Charger is an ideal accessory for your smartphone when it comes to charging as this is conveniently recharged 5x faster without having to heat up too much. This is also lightweight and compact as it is made 30% smaller and is compatible with all USB-C laptops. Now, there is no stopping you from capturing and documenting your travel continuously with your smartphone.


Smartphone charger cables would probably be one of the most essential accessory you would need in your travel. These cables would be beneficial in charging your phone and transfering files. You just need to know the appropriate cable you would need for your device.

Screen Protector and Waterproof Case

Screen protectors defend your smartphone glass touchscreens and ensure your smartphone to be crack and scratch free. When choosing a screen protector, find the one compatible with your phone and durable.

Waterproof cases secure your smartphone from unintentional spills and splashes. You can use this case to capture great photos and videos underwater.

Power Bank 

Don’t run out of battery life with power banks. You can charge your smartphone on-the-go and keep up with the demands of taking pictures and video recording.

Baseus power banks have a range of 10000 mAh or 20000 mAh that you can choose from. These power banks are compact and capable of charging multiple devices as they are equipped with multi-functional ports.

Though you are traveling, a handy power bank will save your smartphone's battery life as this can be stored in your pocket, backpacks, travel pack, or duffel bags for easy reach and carrying.

Selfie Tripod

Get better photos while traveling using selfie tripod. It helps you get clear and stable photos using self timers. You can even get selfie tripods with bluetooth remotes so you can still take pictures even when you’re traveling solo.

Handheld Video Stabilizer

Many travelers who love videorecording would love handheld video stabilizer. This smartphone accessory will keep your phone steady and smooth filming so that you never take a shaky video again when you travel.

Selfie Flashlight

Take good lighting to the next level with portable selfie flashlights. These accessories are easy to use and they attach to your devices easily. It comes with LED bulbs for brighter lighting, typically rechargable, and adjustable based on your preferred intensity.

Wireless Earphones

Traveling can be hectic and the commute could take long. So to ease the boredom, you should have wireless earphones so you can blast the music while going to your destination. Choose a wireless earphone with high audio output and noise cancelling features so you can use it or calls as well.


To get the best views of the scenery and majestic destinations, traveler need helpful gadgets and acessories for their trip. Make your travel worth it and make great memories with these essential smartphone accessories.

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